Sep 25, 2016

4 Recent Buys - BNS, CSCO, RSG, XEL

More buys! I have been tuning up my dividend machine throughout September. Here is a report of four tiny purchases. All these add to my existing positions: The Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO), Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO), Republic Services Inc (RSG) and Xcel Energy Inc (XEL).

Sep 6, 2016

Dividend Income - August 2016

Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at
Time to summarize dividend income again! Last year in August I managed to collect $153.60. This includes extra dividend of 40€ from one of my Nordic positions: Metso. And you guessed it; this year there was no extra dividend. Additionally KMI's and TGH's high yield dividends are wiped out this year, so as a result it was not possible to reach August 2015 numbers. Still I came rather close with 12 companies paying. Here is the comparison table of August 2015 and 2016 dividends:

Sep 4, 2016

4 Recent Buys - AGU, AQN, MDT, XEL

Starting September with a Bang! Hah, well, perhaps that was a bit an exaggeration. But indeed I have continued to add more parts to my dividend machine. That machine now grinds out about $2,850 per year. I purchased additional shares of Agrium Inc (AGU.TO), Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp (AQN.TO), Medtronic plc and Xcel Energy Inc (XEL). Here are the transaction details:

Aug 27, 2016

3 Recent Buys - ES, KO, XEL

Here are my purchases during the latter half of August. Wow, looks like I should have waited for the FED and Yellen with my buys, hah! Well, anyways, I bought more shares to my existing positions in Eversource Energy (ES), The Coca-Cola Company (KO) and Xcel Energy Inc (XEL).

Aug 14, 2016

5 Recent Buys - AMGN, CVS, JNJ, TGT, XEL & 1 Sale - TGH

All right, this August turned out to be one busy month when it comes to investments. I'm reporting second new position and second closed position this month! Wow, wasn't able to imagine this in late July when planning next moves. But here it is; the newcomer in my portfolio is Xcel Energy Inc (XEL) and goodbye I said to Textainer Group Holdings Ltd (TGH).

Aug 6, 2016

5 Recent Buys - CU, CVS, ES, TGT, UNA & 1 Sale - HCP

Big news! I have started a new position in Canadian Utilities Ltd. (CU.TO) but also closed out one position: HCP Inc (HCP). Additional shares I bought in CVS Health Corp (CVS), Eversource Energy (ES), Target Corp (TGT) and Unilever NV (UNA.AS).

Aug 3, 2016

Dividend Income - July 2016

The month of July is over and it's time to report dividend income! First month of a new quarter. These are traditionally my lower income months. Last year in July I managed to collect $96.16. This includes two relatively high yielding dividends from REITs that no longer exist in my portfolio. Additionally July 2015 was the last month when Baxter International (BAX) payed a decent dividend before splitting into two companies. These factors made it difficult to make a large improvement over last year. However, still moving in right direction. Here is the comparison table of July 2015 and 2016 dividends: