Jun 3, 2015

Dividend Income - May 2015

Hello everybody! It's Dividend Lord's first post. And what would be better start than dividend income report. To keep things straightforward and comparable I report my income before taxes. So, the numbers are a bit "too good", but I thought it's better this way.

Dividend income for May shows $103,87. This is 25,2% increase from last year's May. Certainly I would like to see bigger year over year increase, but I think this is acceptable since I didn't buy stocks very heavily in late 2014 and early 2015. Anyhow, I'm trying to accelerate things going forward. And still, this was the first time when I busted $100 mark for month II (second month of a quarter).

And one more thing. English is not my native language. So please give mercy:)

AT&T (T) - 11,28
Bank of Montreal (BMO) - 6,44
Chambers Street Properties (CSG) - 5,53
Deere & Co. (DE) - 4,80
General Mills (GIS) - 7,04
HCP Inc (HCP) - 14,69
Kinder Morgan (KMI) - 16,80
Main Street Capital (MAIN) - 4,90
ONEOK (OKE) - 8,47
Procter & Gamble (PG) - 7,95
Pengrowth Energy (PGH) - 2,49
Realty Income (O) - 4,55
Textainer Group Holdings (TGH) - 8,93
Total $103,87


  1. Greetings Lord... What a wonderful update... always love to read what others are buying and how their dividend income has grown. I see we have a few names in common for the month of May. I'll be posting my results soon. Your portfolio has a lot of high yield names... some I like and some I do not but I guess when blended with some of your solid positions it's a calculated risk that can be minimized by the string dividend growers.

  2. Keith,
    Yes, I have some high yield high risk names in my portfolio. Mostly they are on hold for now. Perhaps I will even get rid of some. But when making new purchases, I will be focusing on lower yield solid dividend growers.
    Thanks for commenting, and I will definitely check your May report when it pops out!