Jul 25, 2015

Recent Buy

This was most likely my last purchase during July. I wasn't supposed to buy this stock again until in September-October, but it just appeared to be the best deal for my few bucks I had left for this month. So, I decided to add to my position at Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI).

Jul 11, 2015

5 Recent Buys and 1 Sale

What a business week! Greece's endless debt negotiations, market crash in China, trading halt at NYSE! Crazy stuff. Still I was just doing my normal thing: buying stocks. Unfortunately I had to make a sale too. I noticed that one of my holdings is not quite doing its job any more. Thus I sold my position in Chambers Street Properties(CSG). On the buy side, I added to my position in Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI), Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC), AT&T (T), Realty Income (O) and Emerson Electric (EMR).

Jul 5, 2015

4 Recent Buys and 1 Sale

During the past week I was able to execute quite a few plans from my recent "shopping list". I opened 3 new positions, wow, that is actually a big amount of new positions in a week. Anyways, I'm now brand new shareholder in Royal Bank of Canada, Enbridge and Omega Healthcare Investors. I added a couple of shares to my ONEOK position. But also I closed out one position: Pengrowth Energy.

Jul 1, 2015

Dividend Income - June 2015

Guess what? Yes, time to report dividends! Last June dividend (from Eversource Energy) arrived in my brokerage account just yesterday, so now everything is clear and we can dive into the numbers.

The most essential comparison month will be naturally June 2014, and boy, that was a tough nut to crack! That was my record month back then, and I had a couple of high yielders which are no longer in my portfolio. Additionally, I haven't been buying stocks in late 2014 and early 2015 as much as I could have, and probably should have. But anyways, let's see how much dividends I was able to "hoover".