Jul 1, 2015

Dividend Income - June 2015

Guess what? Yes, time to report dividends! Last June dividend (from Eversource Energy) arrived in my brokerage account just yesterday, so now everything is clear and we can dive into the numbers.

The most essential comparison month will be naturally June 2014, and boy, that was a tough nut to crack! That was my record month back then, and I had a couple of high yielders which are no longer in my portfolio. Additionally, I haven't been buying stocks in late 2014 and early 2015 as much as I could have, and probably should have. But anyways, let's see how much dividends I was able to "hoover".

Avista Corp (AVA) - 8,25
Chambers Street Properties (CSG) - 5,53
Chevron Corp (CVX) - 11,77
ConocoPhillips (COP) - 11,68
Emerson Electric Co (EMR) - 5,64
Eversource Energy (ES) - 6,26
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) - 11,25
Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT) - 12,00
Main Street Capital Corp (MAIN) - 12,61
Old Republic International Corp (ORI) - 7,40
Pengrowth Energy Corp (PGH) - 2,44
Pinnacle West Capital Corp (PNW) - 10,71
Realty Income Corp (O) - 5,31
Target Corp (TGT) - 5,20
Unilever N.V. (UN) - 3,51

TOTAL $119,56

This means 7,0% increase from last year's June when I was at $111,72. Considering the circumstances I must be pleased that I was able to beat June 2014. Going forward I'm definitely expecting much bigger percentage raises. In that sense July looks already a whole lot better.

During first half of the year I was able to scoop in $1859,43. Which is 12,8% increase from last year. Unfortunately that doesn't mean that i'm on track to nearly 4K. You know, my annual Nordic payments for this year have already arrived. I'm heading towards more like $2500. I haven't set official goal, but looks like my goal for this year could be something like $2600.

I received dividend paycheck from 15 different companies. Biggest payments came from MAIN, LMT, CVX, COP, JNJ and PNW. MAIN paid regular monthly dividend plus special dividend. The company paid special divy in 2014 June too, so this didn't affect year over year performance much.

Looking at these numbers I'm already thinking about September dividends. From which companies I want substantially more dividends. Two companies I can name immediatelly: EMR and UN. Really like these companies, so I want to add to these positions before next ex-dates. TGT raised dividend recently, so there I will get more even without additional purchases. NSC will be a new dividend payer for me in September. All my US-based utilities pay during month III, so I'm looking to add at least to one of these positions. All in all, I'm planning to make several purchases to secure those september dividends.

But first I'm really looking forward to see those year over year percentage rises in July and August! They should look a lot better than this one. And I can't say that I would be disappointed with this result either. So, remember to buy stocks even in summer time! Well, at least I am going to:)

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  1. HI DL and congrats. Keep up the good work!


    1. DH,
      thank you very much for the support. Hope you had a great June. Looking forward to your report.

  2. Congrats on the div income and the 7% increase from last year. Keep up teh great work!

    1. Thanks, R2R!
      Yes, I'll take that 7% increase for now, but during rest of the year I will be aiming higher. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi DL

    Great dividend income, keep the snowball rolling.

    1. FF, definitely I intend to keep the snowball rolling. Even though the weather is not very snowy, not even in Finland:)
      Thanks for visiting!

  4. Hi DL,

    Your $100+/mo passive income stream looks very nice!
    I'm definitely looking forward to hitting that milestone as well.

    There are some great companies in your portfolio, so good job.

    Best wishes, DfS

    1. DfS, it certainly feels good to make $100+/month. You will be there soon too, I believe. Just continue consistent investing in quality dividend paying companies.
      Thanks for the support!

    2. The passive income is great, now just gotta keep the itchy fingers from spending it on something (my problem). Always love seeing year over year increases. Nice job!

    3. Rich, I guess itchy fingers are a problem for all of us from time to time. But my fingers are now itching to buy stocks more than anything else:)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Congrats on the dividend income. A 7% increase is great as it shows your progress. At $100 per month dividend income, that's $100 you earned for doing absolutely nothing at all. Got to love that. :)

    1. Hei Tawcan! Nice to see you here.
      The Y-o-Y increase could have been bigger, but I think this year the income came from less risky, more solid companies. So I got to be pleased about that.
      Yeah, if someone wants to pay me $100+ for doing nothing, I'm not against that:-)
      Thanks for stopping by!