Aug 2, 2015

Dividend Income - July 2015

The month of July is over guys, and it's time to check how much dividends I received! July has been traditionally a slow month (July 2014 brought in just $56,39) for me, but now I was able to raise the bar quite a bit. Barely missed $100 mark, but percentage increase from last year was very decent, if I may say so.

Agrium (AGU.TO) - 5,46
Algonquin Power & Utilities (AQN.TO) - 5,20
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) - 4,74
Baxter International (BAX) - 10,40
Biomed Realty Trust (BMR) - 9,10
Chambers Street Properties (CSG) - 5,53
Cisco Systems (CSCO) - 5,25
Coca-Cola Co (KO) - 7,26
General Electric (GE) - 9,20
Main Street Capital (MAIN) - 4,91
Pengrowth Energy (PGH) - 2,32
Realty Income (O) - 5,32
Republic Services (RSG) - 6,16
Rogers Communications (RCI.B.TO) - 6,72
W.P.Carey (WPC) - 8,59
TOTAL $96,16

This means 70,5% increase from last years July. Now that's what I'm talking about! If in June the year-over-year increase was a bit lame; this time it was everything but lame. It doesn't make much sense to compare this month to April, since I received my Nordic annual dividends then. But if I look at the foreign dividends I received in April ($61,39) then there is 56,6% increase.

It looks like rather soon I will be able to beat that $100 mark even during slowest months. But I'm facing some headwinds in the short term. You see, BAX paid the biggest dividend check here, and as you probably know already, that dividend is coming tumbling down in October. Additionally I no longer have positions in CSG or PGH, two high yield monthly payers. That capital is allocated towards higher quality, but lower yield companies. So, like I said, some short term challenges here. October may come a little bit too soon to set the new base line @100.

I received my first dividends in CAD! To be exact from AGU and RCI.B. Even though AQN is Canadian and bought at Toronto Stock Exchange it pays in USD. I'm not making any currency conversions here, so that 96,16 is not exactly 96,16 in USD. But I'm not making conversions, because I don't want currency fluctuations to affect my results.

Total dividends from seven first months this year: $1955,59. There is 14,7% increase from last year's $1705,55. Nice. That $1955 surely looks good for months 1-7, but I must remind that my pace is slowing down towards the end of year. You see, my big annual dividends from Nordic companies arrive during first half of year. Anyways, five months left of this year. What would be tough but realistic goal for this year? I have been pondering this and decided to set the goal at $2600. I think this is rather tough considering the short term headwinds I just mentioned. It really requires deploying some fresh capital to work. And I have other big money hole coming soon, which is purchase of a new apartment. Oh my! But there is the goal and I will reach it, if in any way possible.

Dividend Income page has been updated to include July dividend. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great dividend icome soon you will pass the $100 dividends per month milestone, keep the snowball rolling.

    1. Hei FF, thanks for your fast comment:)
      Yes, I hope that pretty soon I will beat $100 even during my slowest months. Could consider that as a secondary goal.
      Best Regards, DL

  2. Nice job DL! $2600 this year would be great if you can hit it. I appreciate how you are trying to set realistic goals and trying to figure out how to get there.

    1. Adam, you are right, if I'm able to hit $2600 this year I will be more than happy.
      I have some capital on my brokerage account right now, so I plan to start working on that goal immediately tomorrow!
      Thanks for stopping by, DL

  3. Hey DL,

    You built yourself a nice portfolio so far.
    Solid companies pay solid dividends, great work!

    Hopefully you'll hit the $100 mark again next month.

    Best wishes, DfS

    1. Hei DfS,
      Thank you very much for the support. Yes, I will hit $100 next month, that I know almost certainly already. Or actually this month, August:) Looking at your portfolio, I guess you are pretty excited about August as well!
      Best regards, DL