Nov 3, 2015

Dividend Income - October 2015

Hello guys and welcome to my October dividend report! Last year in October I collected $61.03. One of the slowest months for sure. In any case, most important thing for me is to make progress on year-over-year basis. Ok, let's see, here are the 14 companies that paid dividends to me this October:

Agrium (AGU.TO) - 7.03
Algonquin Power & Utilities (AQN.TO) - 5.97
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO) - 7.00
Baxalta (BXLT) - 1.40
Baxter International (BAX) - 2.31
Biomed Realty Trust (BMR) - 9.10
Cisco Systems (CSCO) - 6.09
Coca-Cola Co (KO) - 7.92
General Electric Co (GE) - 9.20
Main Street Capital (MAIN) - 5.40
Realty Income (O) - 6.09
Republic Services (RSG) - 6.60
Rogers Communications (RCI.B.TO) - 7.68
W.P.Carey (WPC) - 10.51
TOTAL $92.30

This means 51,2% increase from October 2014. This is very good result. Not every month I'm able to pull together 50%+ year over year increase, but now I was and it feels good. It hasn't been pure sunshine though. From July my dividend income actually decreased. Biggest reason for this is Baxter. In July BAX was my biggest dividend payer with $10.40. Now in October BAX and it's spin-off BXLT combined payed $3.71. No trades have been made there. Oh well, I guess there are some headwinds even in dividend growth investing. Here is a graphical presentation of my dividends: 

Total dividends from ten first months this year: $2326.06. This is 19,3% increase from last year's $1949.48. My goal this year, $2600, seems to be so close but so far. I received last payment from BMR here. Additionally KO will pay next dividend in December instead of January. All this means that January is beginning to look rather dry month. I must do something about that. First I will look for additional purchases in my January paying stocks.

Dividend Income page has been updated to include October dividends.

Disclosure: Long all stocks mentioned except for BMR.

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  1. Nice increase from a year ago, DL. Congrats on the dividend income!


    1. Thanks, R2R! Yes, even though Baxter+Baxalta was a bit of disappointment, the YOY increase was very solid.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. Thanks for the update, nice YOY growth! Do you plan on keeping your BAX, BXLT shares going forward ?
    It drives me a little bonkers seeing companies move their dividends dates like KO and WMT do. I guess it really doesn't matter but I hate seeing a slow month which is what happens when they do that. Same thing is happening to KHC now that the merger is complete it looks like the dividend is moving back a month. Grrrr

    Thanks for the update

    1. Hah, Captain! I hear you there. I don't like that asymmetric payment schedule some companies (like KO) have. I guess it doesn't really matter to most investors, but me it annoys a little bit.

      At the moment I plan on keeping BAX and BXLT. I just like healthcare as a sector too much. Plus they pay on that challenging first month of a quarter, hah! But I really want to see dividend raise from both companies during 2016.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow over 50% increase since last year? That's amazing growth. I personally don't like these asymmetric payment schedule either, makes accounting slightly annoying. :)

    1. Hei Tawcan. Generally speaking I would like to see at least 25% year-over-year increase every month. So this was very good month indeed.
      Hah! Asymmetric dividend payments, so small but so annoying problem:)
      Thanks for dropping by.