Jan 21, 2016

4 Recent Buys - ADM, JNJ, PG, UN

Situation on the stock markets is getting really interesting. Last year we saw a couple of corrections, like in August and September, but the market recovered really quickly close to ATH numbers. It looks like this time the dive is going to last longer, at least. We might have some wonderful buying opportunities ahead this year! In last post I wrote about selling my Baxalta (BXLT) shares. Now it was time re-allocate that money. I bought more Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Procter & Gamble (PG) and Unilever (UN)

Buy in USD - Archer-Daniels Midland Co (ADM)
Trade Price: 31.90
Shares: 10
Commission: 0.34
Total: 319.34
Sector: Consumer Staples - Farm Products
Yield: 3,5%
Payout Ratio: 39%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 40

Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 17,0%
P/E (ttm): 11,1
S&P Credit Rating: A

Buy in USD - Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
Trade Price: 98.30
Shares: 2
Commission: 0.35
Total: 196.95
Sector: Healthcare - Drugs/Consumer Products
Yield: 3,1%
Payout Ratio: 57%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 53
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 7,1%
P/E (ttm): 18,8

S&P Credit Rating: AAA

Buy in USD - Procter & Gamble (PG)
Trade Price: 75.88
Shares: 1
Commission: 0.35
Total: 76.23
Sector: Consumer Staples - Personal Products
Yield: 3,5%
Payout Ratio: 87%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 59
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 6,0%
P/E (ttm): 28,5

S & P Credit Rating: AA-

Buy in USD - Unilever NV (UN)
Trade Price: 41.95
Shares: 5
Commission: 0.34
Total: 210.09
Sector: Consumer Staples - Personal Products
Yield: 3,3%
Payout Ratio: 69%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 15 (in euros)
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 7,4%
P/E (ttm): 19,2

S & P Credit Rating: A+

Rather conservative set of purchases here. All these stocks are my cornerstone positions. Yields ranging from 3,1 to 3,5% and credit ratings from A to AAA. "It's always a good idea to buy JNJ below $100." Great to increase my position in this classic dividend growth stock again. DivGro compiled a list of most popular stocks held by DGI bloggers, and JNJ came in at top.

What is that nibbling with PG!? Yeah, I wasn't supposed to buy more at this time, but I had some cash and ex-dividend date was closing in. So I decided to push February dividends a little further. And then Unilever "The European PG". Too bad I didn't have the cash before Q4 earnings. Market took the results positively and I missed the best price.

Well that ADM just keeps on making new 52-week lows. I have one more purchase scheduled before dividend declaration (which will be a raise, hopefully!), and I wonder if I'm able to buy those shares below $30!? If it comes to that, I'm not against. Can't wait to get more cash for new buys, because the stock prices are starting to look almost cheap! But before that I will summarize January dividends.

Thanks for reading. My Portfolio page has been updated to reflect these trades.

Disclosure: Long ADM, JNJ, PG, UN.


  1. Great buys Div Lord. I added to these positions recently and will add more if the market dips further.

    1. Thanks, D4S! I like your approach. It's very nice that we are able to buy these companies on (at least a tiny) discount.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great buys again, DL. JNJ is looking very tempting at these levels now. Looking to add more myself

    1. Hi R2R and thanks! Yes, it's looking even more tempting now. I wouldn't be surprised to see more purchase reports about JNJ in coming days.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. Great picks and probably well timed, as far as we time the market of course.
    I especially like ADM and JNJ at these rates!

    Best wishes, DfS

    1. Hi DfS! Thanks. About timing it remains to be seen. At least it was better time now than around New Year, which I thought was pretty good back then.
      You are right; it's very difficult not to like ADM and JNJ at these levels.
      Thanks for your visit and comment!

  4. Solid picks no matter how you look at it. All 4 are in my portfolio with an eye on ADM these days. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Keith. These surely are popular companies among DGI people, and I think for a good reason. If you want to buy quality it's hard to bypass these names.
      Thanks for dropping by!

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    1. Hey LIMG! I have added your blog.
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