Jan 1, 2016

Dividend Income - December & Full Year 2015

First of all: Happy New Year folks! 2015 is now neatly packaged and wrapped up. The year certainly delivered many nice dividend increases, but also some freezes and cuts. When we started 2015 I could not have imagined the number of sale transactions I'm going to make! All in all, I believe and hope that 2016 will be a better year!

December of 2014 was a record month for me with $140.32 income. So improving from there wasn't just a walk in a park. Well, I managed to collect more this December, but is it enough to reach the yearly goal of $2,600? Let's find out! Here are those 18 companies that paid dividend to me this December:

Avista Corp (AVA) - 9.24
Chevron Corp (CVX) - 11.77
Coca-Cola Co (KO) - 7.92
ConocoPhillips (COP) - 11.84
Emerson Electric Co (EMR) - 9.51
Enbridge Inc (ENB.TO) - 6.98
Eversource Energy (ES) -7.10
Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD) - 3.87
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) - 12.75
Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT) - 13.20
Main Street Capital Corp (MAIN) - 13.65
Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC) - 7.08
Old Republic International Corp (ORI) - 7.40
Pinnacle West Capital Corp (PNW) - 11.25
Realty Income Corp (O) - 6.09
Target Corp (TGT) - 5.60
Textainer Group Holdings (TGH) - 5.28
Unilever N.V. (UN) - 6.87
TOTAL - $157.40

Total dividends in 2015, months 1-12: $2,601.08! This means that I have passed my goal by one dollar and eight cents! Wow, I knew it's going to be close but this close!? Somewhere in October I didn't really believe that I will reach this goal, so I have to be very pleased about this outcome. Comparing to year 2014, my total dividend income grew by 20,0%.

This month's income of $157.40 means 12,2% increase from December 2014. Moving in right direction here too. Biggest payments came from MAIN, LMT and JNJ. MAIN was on top because of the special dividend they paid on 24th December. Speaking of a nice Christmas present there! Here is a graphical presentation of my dividends:

Going forward towards March 2016! I should get payment from all these companies except KO and COP. Not Coke because their payment schedule will be back to "normal" and not Conoco because I have closed out my position. Instead Archer-Daniels Midland (ADM) will be a new payer in March. Not sure that these are all changes though. I have some ideas, and generally speaking I can say that my portfolio in 2016 is likely moving towards lower risk and lower yield.

Speaking about my portfolio, you may want to check out new color codes I have added there. Cornerstone positions are naturally the most important ones. I expect them to deliver dividend increases reliably on annual basis at least, like JNJ for example. Supporting positions still solid but a little bit more uncertainty. Dividends are perhaps frozen for now, like GE for example. Speculative positions are the risky stuff, like OKE (yield at the moment scary 10%) for example. Also non-divi payers are in this category.

Please note that I don't make any currency conversions here. I report dividends as they appear in their own currency. This time ENB.TO was paid in CAD and all others in USD. Additionally all numbers are before taxes. This prevents currency fluctuations and tax hassles from affecting my progress.

Dividend Income page has been updated to include December dividends.

Disclosure: Long all stocks mentioned except COP.

How was your December and year 2015?

Image courtesy of satit_srihin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. Hello Lord and congrats on your outstanding achievement in 2015. Let the snowball roll also in 2016!

    Happy New Year,

    1. Hawk, thank you very much. The year certainly offered some setbacks too, but in the end I can say that I made clearly more passive income than ever before.
      Successful New Year!

  2. Congrats on a great end to the year! Keep up the great work and let those dividends and investments compound.

    Best wishes in the new year and beyond

    1. Thank you R2R! I'm really trying hard to continue my work here. Luckily I have some cash available again for new purchases.
      Here's to even better 2016! Looking forward to your passive income report.

  3. DL,

    NICE work! Great month, you crossed your goal and are setting yourself up for a better position in 2016 - glad you have ADM and think their valuation is amazing right now for an aristocrat. Cheers and looking forward to 2016 with you!


    1. Hey Lanny, thanks! Great to be a fellow shareholder in ADM. I'm preparing to take another bite of the company when market 2016 opens. Unfortunately the price has jumped a little bit last weeks, but yeah, considering their aristocrat status I think it's still one of the best deals out there.
      You Diplomats keep up your great work in 2016!

  4. Great stats for the year. Watching that dividend income grow is awesome. Nice to see a few names in common too between our portfolios. Keep the hustle going and look forward to a strong 2016 no matter what the market does.

    1. Hi Keith and thanks. Absolutely, let's keep the hustle going in 2016. Where is the broader market heading this year? I have no idea. But I'm pretty sure that my dividend income is going up, up, up.
      Successful New Year to you too!

  5. DL

    Great that you passed your 2015 dividend income. hope to see whay your 2016 dividend income goal will be.

    Keep the snowball rolling.

    Happy new year

    Sharon - Divorcedff

    1. Hey Sharon. It was great to pass that goal, which at some point looked too tough.
      I guess my 2016 goal will be somewhere around $3k. I don't want to go too crazy about it, since this year I intend to invest strongly in lower yielding consumer and healthcare stocks.
      Happy New Year to you too!