Feb 1, 2016

Dividend Income - January 2016

Here comes Div Lord's first dividend report of 2016! January is traditionally my slowest month of a year. Last year this month I collected only $54.62. I still missed $100 mark, but on the positive side I pulled together a decent percentage increase from last year. All right, here are the 12 companies that paid dividend to me this January:

  • Agrium Inc (AGU.TO) - 9.68
  • Algonquin Power & Utilities (AQN.TO) - 7.70
  • Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO) - 10.51
  • Baxalta Inc (BXLT) - 1.40
  • Baxter International Inc (BAX) - 2.31
  • Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO) - 7.35
  • General Electric Co (GE) - 9.20
  • Main Street Capital Corp (MAIN) - 5.40
  • Realty Income Corp (O) - 6.12
  • Republic Services Inc (RSG) - 6.60
  • Rogers Communications Inc (RCI.B.TO) - 8.64
  • W.P. Carey Inc (WPC) - 13.51
     Total: $88.42

This means 61,9% increase from January 2015! Of course when dollar amounts are this small, it's easy to reach big percentage increases. Anyways, I would say it was a good start for the new year. And from now on it should be only uphill in front. In fact I expect this to be my last sub-$100 month ever! Kind of a secondary goal there. In April Coca-Cola (KO) will return to its normal payment schedule which will help to accomplish this goal. BXLT's dividend will be wiped off the table, because I don't own shares in the company any more. But that shouldn't be a problem since it was a very small dollar amount.

Here is a graphical presentation of my dividends:
Speaking about goals, I guess it would be time to declare this year's dividend income goal. Last year I totaled $2,601. I have been pondering this and decided to set the goal this year at $3,200. That would mean approximately 23% increase in dividend income. Perhaps this sounds a bit careful. This year I intend to emphasize low risk investments, which inevitably means low yield investments. So that's why I don't want to set the bar extremely high.

I still get a significant portion of my dividends from my Nordic investments in April. And those dividends tend to be rather unpredictable. One big cut there could destroy my goal this year right in the beginning. At this point I hope that my Nordic companies are able to maintain their distribution at least. In a month or so I will know much better how it's gonna be.

Please note that I don't make any currency conversions here. I report dividends as they appear in their own currency. This time AGU.TO, BNS.TO and RCI.B.TO were paid in CAD and others in USD. Additionally all numbers are before taxes. This prevents currency fluctuations and tax hassles from affecting my progress.

Dividend Income page has been updated to include January dividends.

Disclosure: Long all stocks mentioned except BXLT.   

Image courtesy of alex_ugalek at FreeDigitalPhotos.net 


  1. Congrats on the dividend income, DL.

    Thats fantastic rate of progress from a year ago. Keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks, R2R! That increase rate certainly looks good here. And then to buy more stocks, just to keep things rolling:)
      Thanks again for your support.

  2. Great YoY growth of your dividend income! What's really great about it is the increase in your dividends will just lead to more capital that you can invest to continue to build up your portfolio. Snowballs are great when they're working in your favor.

    1. Hi PIP and thanks! Yes, it's really great when you are able to buy more shares using your dividend income. I noticed this rather well in December when I had +$150 month. So that's the direction where I should strive!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. DL

    Great January dividend income and great YoY increace. It is all about putting cash for cashflow.

    Keep your snowball rolling

    Sharon - Divorcedff

    1. Sharon, thank you. It was a very good YoY increase all right. Percentage raises may be smaller going forward, but dollar amounts should be going up and up as the year progresses.
      Thanks for your visit and comment.

  4. Awesome results Lord! Just a couple names in common between our portfolios but you seem pretty diversified. Great year over year results as well. Keep the snowball growing.

    1. Hey Keith, thanks. My portfolio is such that new year always starts slowly, but most importantly there is progress when I look back one year. Nice that we have a couple names in common, I think in February there will be more.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.