Apr 24, 2016

Portfolio Review - April 2016

Hello to everyone! I have made three buys since last post, but most importantly let's see how my portfolio looks like in April of 2016. First, the total value of my direct stock investments: $62,212 with an average yield of 3,95%. From last month value is up $1,211 or 2,0%. Again no currency conversions, so the total value consists of EUR, USD and CAD investments. I try to ignore currency fluctuations when I monitor my progress. But as we know EUR is stronger than USD and USD is stronger than CAD. So if you think about the total value as USD, that gives rather good image.

Apr 9, 2016

8 Recent Buys - RY, ABT, ADM, GIS, MMM, ORI, PG, TGT & 1 Sale - AVA

Looks like I have quite a few transactions to report. Yes, I have been busy buying stuff, and a little bit selling too. Kind of sad to say that I sold my Avista Corporation (AVA) shares. There are some reasons, but let's get to them later in this post. On the other end I have made several additional purchases to my positions listed here: 

Apr 2, 2016

Dividend Income - March 2016

Time to summarize Div Lord's March dividends! Last year I collected $106.16. One significant dividend payer is out of the game, since in December I closed out my position in ConocoPhillips (COP). In March 2015 it payed $11.68. Additionally I have sold my shares in Chambers Street Properties (CSG) and Pengrowth Energy (PGH), but I have worked hard to patch the hole left by those sales. In fact compared to last year's March, I now have six new dividend payers: MMM, ADM, EMR, ENB.TO, GILD and NSC. Here are those 18 companies that paid dividend to me this month: