Apr 30, 2017

3 Recent Buys - CVS, TGT, UNA

So, I continued on the buying front on the second half of April. I thought that I should report these buys before rather interesting dividend summary from April. Actually in my last purchase post there were CVS Health Corporation (CVS) and Unilever NV (UNA.AS). So is this a mistake you might ask. Well, it is not. CVS and UNA.AS are two my favorite stocks this year, and I would guess that they will see the biggest amounts of fresh capital in my portfolio. Alongside Welltower Inc (HCN), which is a new position for me this year, and possible other new position. Also Target Corporation (TGT) was on my shopping list at this time.

Buy in USD - CVS Health Corporation (CVS)
Trade Price: 78.10
Shares: 1
Commission: 0.35
Total: 78.45
Sector: Healthcare - Retail/Pharmacy
Yield: 2,6%
Payout Ratio: 41%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 14
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 23,6%
P/E: 15,9
S&P Credit Rating: BBB+

Buy in USD - Target Corporation (TGT)
Trade Price: 55.45
Shares: 2
Commission: 0.36
Total: 111.26
Sector: Consumers - Discount/Variety Stores
Yield: 4,3%
Payout Ratio: 52%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 49
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 13,7%
P/E: 11,7
S&P Credit Rating: A

Buy in EUR - Unilever N.V. (UNA.AS)
Trade Price: 47.95
Shares: 2
Commission: 0.96
Total: 96.86
Sector: Consumers - Personal Products
Yield: 3,0%
Payout Ratio: 76%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 10
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 7,8%
P/E: 25,5
S&P Credit Rating: A+

Unilever just announced amazing 12% dividend increase, and I decided to celebrate that announcement by buying two more shares before ex-dividend date. In case of CVS I also managed to scoop up a tiny piece before ex-date. TGT has a very attractive valuation and yield right now. I guess many investors believe in retail's death. I still refuse to do that, but of course it can turn out to be a mistake. Anyways, in the meantime I collect the dividend and hope to see an increase announcement in June.

Thanks for reading. My Portfolio page has been updated to reflect these trades.

Disclosure: Long CVS, HCN, TGT, UNA.AS

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