Jul 2, 2017

Dividend Income - June 2017

And we are over halfway through the year 2017! Amazing, but let's take a look where Div Lord's dividend income stood one year back. In June 2016 I was able to collect $159.98. Since then Chevron Corp (CVX) and Norfolk Southern Corp (NSC) have left my portfolio. Thus are no longer contributing to my passive income. But, Canadian Utilities Ltd. (CU.TO) has arrived to replace those positions. Not too many changes there. It was good to see that I was able to fill the gap left by CVX and NSC rather easily. In total 16 companies paid dividend to me this month. Here is the comparison table of June 2016 and 2017 dividends:

CompanySymbolJune 2016June 2017
3M CompanyMMM6,6611,75
Amgen IncAMGN3,0011,50
Archer-Daniels Midland CoADM12,0014,72
Canadian UtilitiesCU.TO08,22
Emerson Electric CoEMR9,5110,08
Enbridge IncENB.TO9,5412,20
Eversource EnergyES7,5711,40
Gilead Sciences IncGILD5,648,32
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ15,2019,32
Lockheed Martin CorpLMT13,2014,56
Main Street Capital CorpMAIN13,6513,80
Old Republic InternationalORI9,3811,97
Pinnacle West CapitalPNW11,2511,79
Realty Income CorpO 6,377,39
Target CorpTGT7,2816,20
Unilever N.V.UNA.AS10,8820,79
Chevron CorpCVX11,770
Norfolk Southern CorpNSC7,080

All right, so the total this June was $204.01. This means 27,5% increase year-over-year. Hot Diggity, crossed the $200 mark! This was the first time crossing that mark, excluding months when I have received annual or semi-annual dividends from Nordic investments. Generally speaking I would like to see at least 20% growth every month, so also from that point of view it was a very good month.

Great progress with MMM, AMGN, TGT and UNA.AS thanks to dividend raises and additional shares bought. And of course CU.TO as a new investment compared to last year. JNJ as my biggest USD-based position continues to be important income producer too. Here are my dividends in a graph:

Total dividends during months 1-6 this year: $2091.79. This is 11,2% increase from last year. Once again the month of April shook things off the balance a bit, but recovery has begun. My goal for this year: $3,300. This would be approximately 16% increase to 2016's income. So, I'm moving in right direction, but I still need to tighten the pace during rest of the year.

It felt very good to go over $200, and I want to do it again in September! But it was a close call of course, and without MAIN's special dividend in September I need to take some actions if I want to crack $200 then. All these companies should pay again in September. Before next ex-dividend date I'm currently looking to buy additional shares at least in ADM, CU.TO and UNA.AS.

Please note that I don't make any currency conversions here. I report dividends as they appear in their own currency. This time CU.TO and ENB.TO were paid in CAD, UNA.AS in EUR and the rest in USD. Additionally all numbers are before taxes. This prevents currency fluctuations and tax hassles from affecting my progress.

Thanks for reading. Dividend Income page has been updated to include June dividends.

Disclosure: Long all stocks that paid dividend in June 2017

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