Aug 5, 2017

6 Recent Buys - AMGN, CU, ENB, GILD, OKE, UNA

Beginning of a new month was once again busy time for me on the buying front. So, during the first days of August I have added more shares to several existing positions: Amgen Inc (AMGN), Canadian Utilities Ltd. (CU.TO), Enbridge Inc (ENB.TO), Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD), ONEOK Inc (OKE) and Unilever N.V. (UNA.AS). Here are the details...

Buy in USD - Amgen Inc (AMGN)
Trade Price: 174.81
Shares: 1
Commission: 0.35
Total: 175.16
Sector: Healthcare - Biotechnology
Yield: 2,6%
Payout Ratio: 42%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 7
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 28,6%
P/E: 15,9
S&P Credit Rating: A

Buy in CAD - Canadian Utilities Ltd. (CU.TO)
Trade Price: 39.64
Shares: 3
Commission: 1.01
Total: 119.93
Sector: Utilities - Electric/Gas
Yield: 3,6%
Payout Ratio: 65%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 45
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 10,3%
P/E: 18,0
S&P Credit Rating: A-

Buy in CAD - Enbridge Inc (ENB.TO)
Trade Price: 51.90
Shares: 2
Commission: 1.01
Total: 104.81
Sector: Energy - Oil & Gas Pipelines
Yield: 4,7%
Payout Ratio: 203%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 21
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 18,9%
P/E: 43,3
S&P Credit Rating: BBB+

Buy in USD - Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD)
Trade Price: 76.00
Shares: 1
Commission: 0.35
Total: 76.35
Sector: Healthcare - Biotechnology
Yield: 2,7%
Payout Ratio: 23%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 2
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 0%
P/E: 8,3
S&P Credit Rating: A

Buy in USD - ONEOK Inc (OKE)
Trade Price: 55.86
Shares: 1
Commission: 0.35
Total: 56.21
Sector: Energy - Gas
Yield: 5,3%
Payout Ratio: 177%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 15
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: 23,9%
P/E: 33,3
S&P Credit Rating: BBB

Buy in EUR - Unilever N.V. (UNA.AS)
Trade Price: 49.15
Shares: 2
Commission: 0.98
Total: 99.28
Sector: Consumers - Personal Products
Yield: 2,9%
Payout Ratio: 66%
Dividend Increase Streak Years: 10
Annualized Dividend Growth 3-yr: -
P/E: 22,5
S&P Credit Rating: A+

There! Biotech roundup with AMGN and GILD. Utility/Energy tour with CU, ENB and OKE. Then last but not least consumer stuff with UNA. It's no secret that I want to go over $200 in September's dividend income. All but OKE purchase here help me to achieve that goal. I'm still looking at some September payers, and will continue buying in mid August.

Are you looking to buy any of these names right now?

Thanks for reading. My Portfolio page has been updated to reflect these trades.  

Disclosure: Long AMGN, CU.TO, ENB.TO, GILD, OKE, UNA.AS

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